How to overgrip a Padel racket

Aladdin from Total Padel demonstrates how to overgrip a padel racket for improved comfort, sweat absorption, and customization, involving removing the old band grip, applying overgrip tape, and reattaching the wrist strap.

Aladdin from Total Padel guides viewers through the process of overgripping a padel racket for enhanced feeling, comfort, sweat absorption, and customization. The tutorial begins with removing the old band grip and securing the wrist strap. Aladdin then prepares the overgrip tape by applying it to the butt cup edge and angled grip end.

The tape is wrapped around the racket, ensuring parallel lines for even thickness, and marked for the overgrip’s position when reaching the handle’s end. The grip is placed on a flat surface, and a line is drawn connecting the two marks. The overgrip is cut along this line, and the process is completed by reattaching the wrist strap and overgrip band.