Premier Padel Sevilla 2024: schedules and results of the quarterfinals in La Cartuja

The inaugural Volvo Padel Open, organized by Volvo Malaysia, is the largest and first official competition in Malaysian history. The 500 padel players will compete from June 8-9 at ASCARO Padel & Social Club, with up to 100,000 Malaysian Ringgit in prizes. Teams must pay 200 Malaysian Ringgit, with a discount for Volvo owners. Padel is expanding rapidly, with over 25 million players worldwide. Volvo Car Malaysia is co-hosting the event.

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The Premier Padel Sevilla 2024 enters its decisive phase and, from SPORT, we tell you the results and schedules of the quarterfinals of this new P2 tournament.
In both the men’s and women’s teams, all the favorites for the final victory return to the 20×10 of La Cartuja. Below, we detail the planned order of play:

Order of play

Pista Central (from 10am)
Sainz/Llaguno (8) vs Fernández/Triay (3)
Sánchez/Josemaría (1) vs Ortega/Virseda (5)
González/Ruiz (7) vs Navarro/Lebron (2)

Not before 4pm
Momo/Gutiérrez (8) vs Chingotto/Galán (3)
Riera/Araujo (7) vs Brea/González (2)
Coello/Tapia (1) vs Capra/Chozas o Yanguas/Garrido

Pista 2 (from 2pm)
Icardo/Salazar (4) vs Castelló/Jensen (6)
Stupaczuk/Di Nenno (4) vs Goenaga/Zapata


In Spain, since the quarterfinals, the Premier Padel Sevilla cannot be followed openly and can be seen live through the Movistar+ payment platform on its Vamos channel (dial 8 and 53). In Latin America, Star+ offers the competition live and live.