MONDAY 30TH. Watch Sevilla Premier Padel P2 Live on YouTube

The Sevilla Premier Padel P2 tournament features top padel players from around the world, with matches available on YouTube and Red Bull TV. The event features intense rallies, powerful smashes, and incredible athleticism, with matches starting on April 30, 2024, and ending on May 3-5, 2024.

sevilla premier padel p2 central court

The Sevilla Premier Padel P2 tournament is a thrilling event that brings together top padel players from around the world. If you’re a fan of this exciting racquet sport, you won’t want to miss the action. Here’s how you can catch the matches live on YouTube:

1. Premier Padel YouTube Channel

2. Red Bull TV Exclusive Coverage

  • Dates: May 3-5, 2024
  • Matches: Quarter-finals to finals
  • Where: Exclusively available on Red Bull TV.
  • Previous Matches: You can also catch up on previous matches, which are available on the Premier Padel YouTube channel.

Get ready for intense rallies, powerful smashes, and incredible athleticism as the world’s best padel players compete for glory at the Sevilla Premier Padel P2 tournament. Whether you choose to watch on YouTube or Red Bull TV, you’re in for an unforgettable experience!

MATCH 1 (Starting at 12:00 pm local time): Jeronimo Gonzalez (🇪🇸) / Alejandro Ruiz (🇪🇸) Vs. Agustin Gutierrez (🇦🇷) / Jose Rico (🇪🇸)

MATCH 2: Lucia Sainz Pelegri (🇪🇸) / Patricia Llaguno Zielinski (🇪🇸) Vs. Ksenia Sharifova / Lucia Martinez Gomez (🇪🇸)

MATCH 3: Javier Rico (🇪🇸) / Juanlu Esbri (🇪🇸) Vs. Francisco Navarro (🇪🇸) / Juan Lebron (🇪🇸)

MATCH 4: Maximiliano Sanchez (🇦🇷) / Carlos Daniel Gutierrez (🇦🇷) Vs. Ramiro Moyano (🇦🇷) / Francisco Manuel Gil (🇪🇸)