The Carbon Fiber Dial on Certina’s New watch inspired by padel rackets by Marta Ortega

The Certina DS-7 Chrono Padel Edition is a sporty chronograph designed by padel player Marta Ortega. It features a Swiss-made chronograph movement with Precidrive technology, a carbon fibre dial, a padel tennis ball at 6 o'clock, Super-LumiNova for visibility, and a black PVD-coated stainless steel case. Available in May 2024, it's an ideal companion for sports enthusiasts and watch enthusiasts.

certina’s new chronograph

If you’re in the market for a sporty chronograph this summer, look no further than the Certina DS-7 Chrono Padel Edition. This new model from Certina combines precision engineering with a touch of athletic flair, making it an ideal companion for both sports enthusiasts and watch aficionados.

The Collaboration

Certina has teamed up with professional padel player Marta Ortega to create this special edition chronograph. Marta’s achievements and vibrant spirit are celebrated in the design, resulting in a timepiece that captures the essence of the fast-paced and exciting sport of padel.

Technical Details

  • Movement: The DS-7 Chrono Padel Edition is powered by a Swiss-made chronograph movement with Precidrive technology. This ensures accurate timekeeping and reliable performance.
  • Dial: The black dial is designed for precise sports timing results. It features clear, easy-to-read indexes and a 1/10th of a second display. The green circle framing the dial adds a sporty touch.
  • Carbon Fibre Dial: The standout feature of this watch is its carbon fibre dial. Crafted from the same material used in Marta’s padel racket, the dial exudes sportiness and durability.
  • Padel Connection: A subtle detail on the dial—a small padel tennis ball at 6 o’clock—further emphasizes the watch’s connection to the sport.
  • Luminosity: The hour and minute hands, as well as the indexes, are highlighted with Super-LumiNova, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • Case: The black PVD-coated stainless steel case complements the dial perfectly.

Marta Ortega: A Rising Star

Marta Ortega, a 27-year-old Spanish padel player, is currently ranked number 6 in the world. Her determination to reclaim the World Number 1 spot, which she first achieved in 2019, makes her one of the most exciting players in the game. As a brand ambassador for Certina since 2023, Marta’s signature is proudly impressed on the back of the case.


The Certina DS-7 Chrono Padel Edition by Marta Ortega will be available from authorized retailers beginning in May 2024. Whether you’re a padel enthusiast or simply appreciate a stylish and functional timepiece, this chronograph is worth considering.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your wrist game this summer, keep an eye out for the Certina DS-7 Chrono Padel Edition—it’s the perfect blend of athleticism and elegance!