10 ideas on how to beat lobbers in padel

Jeroen from Unicum in Leiden suggests strategies to counter lobbing tactics in padel tennis, including positioning, aggressive shots, and patience. He recommends shorter, changing angles, and playing closer to the net. Tactics include faster drives, focusing on opponents, avoiding forward running, staying around the second post, and using bajada or fake smash.

Jeroen from Unicum in Leiden offers strategies to counteract frustrating lobbing tactics in padel tennis. He stresses the importance of positioning, suggesting players make it harder for opponents to lob by playing shorter, changing angles and speeds, and playing closer to the net. Jeroen also recommends playing more aggressive shots to the fence or sidewall and staying patient.

Specific tactics include playing a faster drive to the center of the court (tip four), focusing on the opponent instead of the ball (tip five), avoiding running forward too much when retaking position (tip six), staying around the second post (tip seven), playing the bajada instead of the bandeja from a distance (tip eight), and playing the smash or a fake smash (tip nine). Overall, Jeroen encourages players to adapt to lobbing tactics and play proactively to gain an advantage.