How to play against lobs in padel

Sandy offers tips for tackling lobbers in padel tennis, including extra time on serves, assessing the opponent's position, being more aggressive with volleys and bandeja shots, and anticipating their shots based on visual cues. She also recommends checking out their overheads course for more comprehensive instruction on these techniques.

Sandy provides strategies for dealing with lobbers in padel tennis. Lobbing involves hitting the ball high over the net, making it challenging for the receiving player to reach. To counter this tactic, Sandy advises taking extra time on serves to make them more accurate and harder to lob. After serving, assessing the opponent’s position can help determine whether to attempt a smash or move closer to the net.

Being more aggressive with volleys and bandeja shots can put pressure on opponents and hinder their lobbing ability. If a player is struggling to deal with lobbed balls at the net, being more assertive with volleys and bandeja shots can help break the pattern. Anticipating opponents’ shots based on their visual cues can also aid in preparation for the next ball. For more comprehensive instruction on overheads, Sandy suggests checking out their overheads course.