Rafa Nadal Academy to launch a padel tour

Rafael Nadal's academy, and Adecco are launching a new team competition featuring six players each. The competition will take place in six stages across Spain, with the first edition ending in Taurus, Manacor. The event aims to promote the academy's values, methodology, and DNA in the padel amateur world. Nadal's academy, which offers training programs for adults and youth, has represented the brand at the Hexagon Cup.

rafa nadal academy is organizing a padel tour
rafa nadal academy is organizing a padel tour

This year marks the debut of a brand-new team competition presented by Adecco, Rafael Nadal, and his academy.

Each team shall consist of a minimum of six players who will participate in three matches against each opponent. Every event will ensure that the teams play two matches. The following categories will be used to group the events using the names of Palas Babolat

Six stages will make up this maiden edition: Santander (June 6-9), Madrid (June 28-30), Valladolid (July 5-7), Malaga (July 12-14), Alicante (August 23–25), and Barcelona (date to be confirmed). From October 8 to October 13, the Rafa Nadal Academy Tour will come to an end in Taurus, Manacor.

“Make the values, methodology and DNA of the academy known in the world of padel amateur thanks to an innovative circuit which is long-lasting,” stated the circuit organizers.

The former tennis player ranked first in the world keeps investing in padel after joining Playtomic. On Manacor’s ten outdoor tracks and seven indoor courts, its academy currently provides training programs for adults and youth. The team, which included Marta Ortega, Gemma Triay, and Alex Ruiz, was represented by the brand at the Hexagon Cup as well.