Gonza Alfonso makes up a surreal shot at the Genoa P2

Gonza Alfonso's magic made an impact at Premier Padel, after impressing with impressive plays at A1 Padel and Rome Major. The Argentine from General Cabrera left the Italian public open-mouthed with a shot for 3 off a wall, proving that not all moves have been invented.

gonza alfonso makes up a surreal shot at the genoa p2

It didn’t take long for Gonza Alfonso’s magic to make an impact at Premier Padel. After delighting us with impressive plays and unimaginable shots at A1 Padel or at the Rome Major, the Argentine decided to spend the game at the Genoa P2.

Over the last few years we have seen how players have constantly renewed their resources, offering some technical gestures that are unattainable for the vast majority of mortals. However, when we think that all the moves have already been invented, there is always someone who wants to reinvent the story and prove us wrong.

In this case, it was the player from General Cabrera who left the Italian public open-mouthed. The good Gonza amazed us with a shot for 3 coming off a wall.