RANKINGS. How Chingotto leapfrogged Juan Lebron and Martin Di Nenno after triumphing with Galan

chingotto world no4

Due to his first career Major championship and his 2000 points, Federico Chingotto had the biggest improvement in the Top 10! Not just Galan, though, feels that winning the Italy Major was a good bargain. Federico Chingotto, his partner, moved up two spots in the rankings—doubling Juan Lebron and Martin Di Nenno!

This Monday morning, the “Super Mouse” became the new global number 4, which is his highest rating of his career! And everything points to it continuing past that point! With Ale Galan, they have already achieved “everything”: two P2 titles, one P1 title, and one Major title! As they go, this pair has the possibility of shocking us once more this season!

padel fip rankings. galan overtakes tapia as the new world no.1 after winning rome with chingotto no.4