HIGHLIGHTS. Navarro and Lebron beat Gonzalez and Ruiz at the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel

Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron won a thrilling match at Foro Italico in Rome, defeating Gonzalez and Ruiz 7-5 in the first set and 6-4 in the second, setting up an exciting final.

In a thrilling encounter at the iconic Foro Italico in Rome, Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron emerged victorious against Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz. The Spanish duo, seeded number 1, showcased their exceptional skills and teamwork in a closely contested match that lasted two hours.

The first set saw intense rallies, with both pairs exchanging powerful shots and strategic plays. Navarro and Lebron’s consistency allowed them to edge out Gonzalez and Ruiz, winning the set 7-5. In the second set, the tension escalated as both teams fought fiercely. Navarro’s powerful serves and Lebron’s net play proved decisive, securing a 6-4 victory and a spot in the final.

The crowd at Foro Italico erupted in applause, recognizing the champions’ remarkable performance. Navarro and Lebron’s victory sets the stage for an exciting final, where they will face Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia. Fans eagerly await another thrilling battle on the Premier Padel circuit