BNL Italy Major Premier Padel draw with Coello, Tapia, Galan, Chingotto, Lebron and Navarro

Here is the main draw of the third edition of the BNL Italy Major, led by the world's no.1 couple. With them, at the top, Navarro/Lebron. Below Stupaczuk/Di Nenno and number 2 Galan/Chingotto, who will debut against the winners of a wild card match: Di Giovanni/Sinicropi against Cremona/Deus

draw major padel rome pic

One year after their triumph at the Foro Italico, the first together in the Premier Padel circuit then followed by the conquest of the status of number 1 couple on the world circuit, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia are ready to attempt an encore. The Spaniard and the Argentine lead the men’s main draw of the BNL Italy Major in Rome , which – like all the top eight seeds – will see them start from the second round (Wednesday). The winning pair of the match between Nunes/Silingo and two qualifiers were the opponents.

Also in the top part of the scoreboard are Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron , couple no.4. In charge of the lower part are Federico Chingotto and Ale Galan (who won the inaugural 2022 edition in Rome), already capable of winning 3 titles together in the last 5 tournaments. Their debut will certainly be against an Italian, given that the hand of Riccardo Sinicropi (who made the draw) has paired the duo composed of himself and Lorenzo Di Giovanni with the pair that sees the multiple Italian champion Simone Cremona and the Portuguese Nuno Deus , for a first round that offers a lot. In the lower part also the “Superpibes” Di Nenno/Stupaczuk and Fernando Belasteguin, who will play for the last time in Rome paired with Juan Tello.

Above all the other Italians: Flavio Abbate and Giulio Graziotti will debut (together) in the main draw of a major circuit tournament against Carlos Marti and Miguel Angel Solbes, in a duel that does not appear impossible. Marco Cassetta and the Argentinian Dylan Demien Cuello will instead challenge Raul Marcos and Gonza Alfonso. Among the natives, Patiniotis/Dominguez face the pair n.12 of the Capra/Chozas seeding, while Denis Perino (alongside Pablo Garcia) will face a pair from the qualifiers. Navarro/Lebron for the winners.

Here is the draw.

draw major rome padel

draw major rome padel lower part