Gonza Alfonso becomes number one in the A1 Padel ranking

The Sanlúcar Open quarterfinals saw Gonza Alfonso and Tolito Aguirre surpass Arce and Dal Bianco in the individual ranking, a position they held since the first tournament of 2022. Torre-Ramos and Pineda-García also reached the semifinals, with the first semi-final set set for Torre-Ramos vs. Allemandi-Pereyra. Pineda and Toti continued their dream, while Torre and Ramos faced off in a high-altitude duel. Tito and Rama eliminated Arce and Dal Bianco in a thrilling confrontation.

gonzalo alfonso

The quarterfinals of the Sanlúcar Open left us with a change in the leadership of the individual ranking more than two years later. After the defeat of Arce and Dal Bianco at the hands of Allemandi-Pereyra, the victory of Gonza Alfonso together with Tolito Aguirre allows him to surpass them mathematically in a classification that they commanded since the first tournament of 2022. Alfonso recovers the throne he held with Chiostri for a good part of 2021. The day also left us with the victories of Torre-Ramos and Pineda-García, a surprise couple that reached the semifinals from the previous phase with the entire public supporting them. Tomorrow, at 11 a.m. the first semi-final will begin: Torre-Ramos vs. Allemandi-Pereyra.

The dream continues for Pineda and Toti 

The Andalusian couple was fighting for their ticket to the semi-finals against Pedro Perry and Relis Ferreyra in what was the first match of the day.

The Spaniards would impose their brave and firm game proposal in a bullring in Sanlúcar de Barrameda that vibrated with the local couple.

6/3 and 6/4 in an exercise of resistance and courage (knowing how to take advantage of breaks) against a duo accustomed to these instances. They enter their first semifinals of the season and will play them against the winner of Tolito/Alfonso vs Martínez/Yob.

Torre and Ramos meet again with their best version

High altitude duel in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Couple No. 6 faced off against No. 4. The first round was marked by equality between both couples who wanted to advance one more round in this open.

In fact, they tried to advance their respective services until the pair formed by the Paraguayan and the Argentine imposed one more march to make a good break in the initial stages of the first set. 6/4 for them

In the second and third sets the Argentinians responded. Torre and Ramos, with better understanding and understanding what the match asked of them, held the tie until in the twelfth game they achieved a break that would be decisive. 7/5 for them

With everything to be decided, a third set was reached in which the n4 strengthened their good feelings and dynamics to sign a colossal round. 4/6 7/5 6/2 and they will be in the semifinals in which they will face Allemandi and Pereyra.

They have done it again. Tito and Rama have once again eliminated Arce and Dal Bianco. The Sanlúcar de Barrameda bullring vibrated with a confrontation that needed 3 sets to be defined.

Arce and Dal Bianco, who had just won the last tournament, made their appearance in the quarterfinals, putting together a great first round in which they placed 7/5 after being decisive in the final moments.

In the second set, both pairs managed to maintain equality until a ninth game in which the world No. 5 managed to break to end up closing the set with their serve. 6/4 for them.

With the positive inertia and confidence that having won a set at 1 gives you, Rama and Allemandi got their ticket to the semifinals in a third set in which they won from the start, as they managed to break their rivals’ serve in the third game and from there keep the distance until the end. Arce and Dal Bianco tried to get closer to the score (even a counterbreak), but fell on the side of Tito and Rama. 6/3 and ticket for the semifinals of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.