Ale Galan celebrates Carlos Alcaraz’s victory at the French Open.

In honor of Carlos Alcaraz's victory at the French Open, padel champion Ale Galan shared a picture on Instagram with the caption "Enorme."

ale galan and french open winner carlos alcaraz

Ale Galan joined the chorus of people congratulating Carlos Alcaraz on his incredible victory in the French Open. Galan, who is well-known for his skill on the padel court, expressed his admiration for Alcaraz’s accomplishment on social media.

Galan posted Alcaraz’s joyous photo to his Instagram account along with a compliment of his own: “Enorme @carlitosalcaraz.” This sincere recognition between two Spanish athletes demonstrates the respect and togetherness among the sports community.

Carlos Alcaraz received praise from both sportsmen and spectators for his triumph at the French Open, which is a noteworthy turning point in his career. Galan’s open praise of Alcaraz’s accomplishments is evidence of the rising stature of the young tennis player and the pride he instills in Spanish sports.

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