Fernando Belasteguín and his hug with Coello and Tapia: “It was like I was hugging my children”

Fernando Belasteguín, a professional padel player with 30 years of experience, is finishing his last tournaments. Despite numerous Premier Padel destinations, he remains focused on improving and nearing victory.

the hug with tapia and coello

Fernando Belasteguín (Pehuajó, 1979) is finishing his last tournaments as a professional padel player after 30 years of experience. He still has many destinations on the Premier Padel calendar to cross out, but the Boss remains focused, until his last ball, on improving to be as close as possible to victory.

A Last Dance  that is causing people to talk, even more so after the beautiful tribute they gave him in Mar del Plata, Argentina , where you could see an athlete broken by the emotion of someone who knows that he will not return to his land with the shovel in his hand.

During a recent interview with La Marca, Fernando  commented the now famous picture taken with Coello and Tapia in Mar del Plata. Bela commented:

“It was like I was hugging my children. It was nice, spontaneous, they asked me to go inside with them, they gave me their place…

They have both been in my house, I know their families and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I had to play my first tournament in ’95 against Lasaigues and Gattiker, two players from whom I have learned a lot, and the last one against Arturo and Agustín as numbers 1, who are two people who will help padel continue to grow. ”