Classic final in Santiago de Chile: Galán and Chingotto to challenge Tapia and Coello

Santiago Premier Padel P1 semifinals saw all colors compete, with the men's category featuring a classic duel between the two best couples. The women's side saw Lucía Sainz and Patty Llaguno defeat Alejandra Alonso-Andrea Ustero, who were on the verge of winning their first title. In the men's semifinals, Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno were unable to stand up to Ale Galán and Fede Choingotto.

classic final in santiago de chile galán and chingotto to challenge tapia and coello

There were all colors in the semifinals of the Santiago Premier Padel P1. While in the men’s category the classic between the two best couples in the ranking will be repeated once again, the Movistar Arena in the Chilean capital will witness an unprecedented final on the women’s side.

After the victory of Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernández , who will compete in their third final this season, it was the turn of Lucía Sainz and Patty Llaguno. The Hispanic duo used experience and experience to frustrate the dream of Alejandra Alonso-Andrea Ustero , who are once again on the verge of being able to play the match to win their first title.

It is always said that paddle tennis is a sport of moments. And this was also confirmed by the second women’s semi-final, which had two very different faces . Although for a good part of the duel we saw a rocky and close match in which neither of the two pairs was able to prevail, the tie-break of the first set ended up being decisive in tipping the balance towards the side of the number 8.

Sainz-Llaguno’s blow was a splash of cold water for the two young women of 18 and 17 years old, who could no longer get up . With great solidity, the Barcelona and Carthaginians were able to continue slowing down the pace of the match to find the scenario that best suited them.

Patty and Lucía ended up certifying the victory 7-6 and 6-1, thus reaching their first final as a couple . An unprecedented duel for the title that will leave the name of new winners written in the history books of Premier Padel.

There was not so much surprise in the men’s semifinals, which left us with an outcome with usual protagonists. Although they arrived at the event immersed in very good dynamics, Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno were unable to stand up to the excellent Ale Galán and Fede Choingotto.

The number 2 gave a new example of their dynasty, putting together an almost perfect performance in which they dominated the game with insulting authority. With an aggressive style, always trying to put pressure on the net and with great defensive consistency, his plan had no cracks, not even to allow a small reaction from the Superpibes.

6-3 and 6-2 for ‘Chingalán’ who will play their sixth final in six tournaments since they started the new project.