Marta Marrero back to professional padel a year and a half after becoming a mother

Marta Marrero, a former World Padel Tour number 1, will return to the courts next June for the Bordeaux P2 of Premier Padel, playing alongside Argentine Aranzazu Osoro. Marrero, 41, has given birth to Flavia and will continue to enjoy the sport.

marta marrero

The Canarian player Marta Marrero will return to the courts next June for the Bordeaux P2 of Premier Padel , where she will play alongside the Argentine Aranzazu Osoro.

The former World Padel Tour number 1 decided to put an end to her career at the end of 2022 with the clear objective of being a mother. Her last match, on December 15 at the World Padel Tour Master Final in Barcelona alongside Lucía Sainz, left a possible return in the air that she finally confirmed to the newspaper Sport just a month ago.

At 41 years old and after giving birth to Flavia last November,  she will have as a partner the ‘Viking’ Aranzazu Osoro, an Argentine player with whom she has signed up for the French event (will be held from June 8 to 16 ) and with which he will step again on 20×10 a year and a half after that goodbye in Barcelona.

After beginning her career in tennis, Marrero chose to bet on padel tennis and rose to prominence as a professional in 2016 and 2019, ranking first on the World Padel Tour with Alejandra Salazar and Marta Ortega, respectively. She will now try to keep enjoying a sport that has spread over the globe and become an unstoppable sensation.