Glasgow will host a summer padel festival as a result of a collaboration between Decathlon and Soul Padel.

Glasgow is set to host its first'summer padel festival' with the collaboration between global sports brand Decathlon and UK-based padel operator Soul Padel. The event will feature two pop-up padel courts open to the public from June 3rd to August 31st. Soul Padel aims to promote the sport to local communities and fitness enthusiasts, offering activities, coaching clinics, and introductory clinics. The festival will be supported by Decathlon's in-house padel brand, Kuikma, and will feature a range of sponsorship opportunities

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Thanks to UK-based padel operator Soul Padel and global sports brand Decathlon, the hottest sport in the world will be heading to Glasgow this summer.

With their first-ever “summer padel festival” at Decathlon’s Braehead store, the two are bringing padel to the heart of Glasgow. They’re also inviting everyone to pick up a racket and find out why more than 100,000 people play padel in the UK—making it the fastest-growing sport in the world with over 25 million players!

Two pop-up padel courts will be accessible to the public as part of Soul Padel and Decathlon’s partnership, starting on Monday, June 3 and running through Wednesday, August 31.

Soul Padel wants to introduce this enjoyable sport to local communities and fitness aficionados, thus the summer festival will include a variety of activities and coaching clinics.

As a hybrid of squash and tennis, pédal is simple enough for anyone to pick up and begin playing with a racquet in no time at all.

The padel festival will feature items for novices through professional athletes, with equipment available for purchase or rental for those who wish to “try before they buy.” Decathlon’s in-house padel brand, Kuikma, will promote the event.

There will be special events including “women-only” sessions, children’s sessions during school breaks, and introductory padel clinics run by qualified coaches.

“This is an amazing opportunity to bring padel to Glasgow and we are really pleased to be taking padel into the heart of the city for the first time,” stated Soul Padel founder and CEO Mark Hewlett.

Decathlon is a well-known sports brand throughout the world, and we are thrilled to be working with them in the upcoming months.

“Over the course of these three months, we hope to organize a padel summer festival that will raise awareness of this fantastic sport and inspire others to join the ranks of padel enthusiasts.” In addition, there are a number more projects in the works that we will reveal when they are complete.

With this new cooperation with Soul Padel, Decathlon will proudly continue to leave a legacy of inspiring people through the marvels of sport in 2024, the year of its 25th anniversary in the UK.

Running & Rackets Sports’ UK commercial head Federico Fraguela stated: “At Decathlon, we’re passionate about making sports accessible to everyone.” By collaborating with Soul Padel, we can reach a wider audience and expose padel to new people. We’re thrilled to support these initiatives and assist more people in feeling prepared to play this summer because we share the same ideals of inclusivity and community.

The courts will soon begin to be installed. “We are looking forward to this exciting new chapter for PADEL1969,” said Atte Suominen, founder and CEO of PADEL1969. We take great pride in offering our ONE COURT FOR LIFE® by PADEL1969, which is a premium padel court combo of outstanding performance and quality. The summertime padel pop-ups featuring Decathlon and Soul Padel are in line with our mission to share the “Joy of Padel.”

Soul Padel is asking businesses to be a part of this new initiative and anticipates the festival to be tremendously popular.

Numerous sponsorship opportunities are available to it, such as court sponsorships, activation partnerships, supporting partnerships, presenting partnerships, and sampling. Reach out to Aimee Lawson at [email protected] for additional details about the opportunity.