Premier Padel Asunción 2024: Schedules, teams and how to wath on online streaming

The Premier Padel Tour returns with the Premier Padel Asunción P2 2024, set to take place in Paraguay from May 13-19. The event features top couples from both men's and women's teams, with fans able to watch matches on the Red Bull TV app, including quarterfinal duels and earlier rounds.

premier padel asunción p2

This weekend promises to be thrilling as the Premier Padel Tour returns with the Premier Padel Asunción P2. Before they play Argentina’s P1 in this May, Paraguay is prepared to welcome the best in the world in what is anticipated to be an intense and extremely close tournament with no doubt fascinating games and impossible points where everything may happen.

What is the timetable for the Premier Padel Asunción P2 2024?

The Premier Padel Asunción P2 2024 will get underway on Monday, May 13, and run through Sunday, May 19, following an exciting week filled with fantastic matches and impressive duels. The top couples in this sport, from the men’s and women’s teams, are now set to visit Paraguay. With a tournament in which everyone will want to dethrone Ale Galán and Fede Chingotto—who come to this competition having won the previous two in Brussels and Seville—the capital of the South American nation will see some amazing days.

ONLINE STREAMING. Where can I watch the P2 2024 Premier Padel Asunción live?

The Premier Padel Asunción P2 2024 is sure to be an entertaining event that no one would want to miss. However, fans of this sport, which is growing at an unstoppable rate, are now prepared to enjoy every match after taking a few days off following the P2 in Andalusia. The Red Bull TV app, which can be downloaded and installed on a variety of platforms including PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs, will allow fans of the world’s top couples to watch the matches. It should be noted that while you may watch the quarterfinal duels on this platform, there is also another means to enjoy the earlier rounds.