Lovely Chingotto meet a special young fan

lovely chingotto happy meeting little fans

Federico Chingotto is a champion in and outside the court. The padel champion shared a precious moment he had with a young fan, Santi, who is having a rather tricky journey. Here is the video and the message (translated from Spanish).

“The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Santi and his family, fans of padel and CHINGALAN.

❤️ We wanted to surprise him but he gave us the surprise. Santi has had to travel to Spain to receive special chemotherapy treatment that does not exist in Argentina. In the morning we shared I could check the energy you have and the courage of parents who have traveled thousands of miles to see their child heal.

❤️ 🏼 Thank you @alegalan96 for introducing me to this great family, to my compa @isaiasblaiotta and to @m3padelacademy for joining this surprise.”