Paquito Navarro about the guitar celebration and adrenaline playing padel

Paquito Navarro, a 35-year-old padel player, is known for his interaction and entertaining performances. With Juan Lebron, he was crowned world number one in 2019. Navarro enjoys competing and celebrating his guitar skills. He aims to be remembered as a good player who connects with people and grew up with sports.

navarro guitar celebration

Paquito Navarro, who is 35 years old, is still regarded as one of the world’s greatest padel players and is valued for his ability to interact and amuse spectators in addition to his outstanding performances.

With the assistance of Juan Lebron, his new partner with whom he was crowned world number one in 2019, Paquito Navarro, who has more than 20 years of expertise, maintains his prominence in the world ranking and his love for the game.

During a recent interview, Navarro talks about his feelings playing padel.

Question. You are one of the most loved players by paddle tennis fans, at 35 years old you are still having fun. But what is the thing you like the most?

Navarro. “Without a doubt, compete. I love the feeling and adrenaline of jumping onto the court and playing in a championship . I love it because it is a feeling that is difficult to extrapolate to another part of life. So what I like most about my job is competing and having people have fun with what I show on the track.”

Question. You are also famous for your celebration playing the guitar. How did it come about? Do you remember the first time you showed it on the track? Do you remember the first time you did it?

Navarro. “I remember it well, I was playing with Di Nenno. He played “the pumper” while I thought of the “guitar” and played it…”

Question.You are a champion but also an inspiration for new generations.

Navarro. “I simply aim to do things as best as possible and give my best. Tomorrow, I would like to be remembered as a good guy who had fun playing , connected with people and grew up hand in hand with sports.”