Rafa Nadal’s padel will arrive in Valladolid in July

A new amateur paddle tennis circuit, developed by the Rafa Nadal Academy, will make a stop at the Raqueta Club on July 5–7.

nadal padel

Rafa Nadal plays tennis and will start introducing padel in 2024. With the aid of his Academy and a recently developed circuit that will be put to the test from July 5–7 at the Club Raqueta Valladolid in Valladolid.

According to The Adecco Group, the Rafa Nadal Academy Padel Tour is “a new amateur paddle tennis circuit that aims to combine competition, leisure, fun, and values.”

Six tests will be conducted by the circuit in its inaugural edition. Apart from Valladolid, there will be another six locations: Santander (Club G-6, June 6–9), Madrid (Club La Masó, June 28–30), Málaga (Nac Club de Pádel Nueva Alcántara, July 12–14), Alicante (Club Padelpoint La Nucía, August 23–25), Barcelona (Vallparc), and the final test, which will take place in Mallorca from October 8–13, at the Rafa Nadal Academy facilities owned by Movistar (Manacor).

Three pairs of players will comprise each team, with a minimum of six players per team in each round. It is assured that every team will play at least two heats in each test. The teams will compete to be crowned in their city and go into the draw for the spot where the final race in Mallorca will be held. There will be two men’s categories (Viper, high level and Veron, medium level) and two women’s categories (Energy, high level and Stima, medium level) in each event.