How to play double glass on the right corner

Sandy discusses double glass technique in padel tennis, highlighting its importance for corner defense, challenges, and positioning. It emphasizes using the right ball, identifying the ball's trajectory, and making adjustments.

Sandy discusses the importance of using the double glass technique for effective corner defense in padel tennis. The video highlights the significance of using the right type of ball with good bounce and pace for the double glass. Sandy explains that while advanced players use it for buying time for better shots, most players use it to improve their own shot after the ball rebounds.

The video also addresses the challenge of using the double glass after an opponent’s volley due to the lower trajectory and contact height. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of quickly identifying which glass the ball will hit first upon entering the corner and positioning oneself accordingly to play a forehand or backhand, with slight adjustments for left-handed opponents. Overall, the video offers valuable insights and tips for using the double glass technique effectively in padel tennis.