Padel Sevilla P2: The finals schedules and how to watch on online streaming

Sevilla P2 finals will take place on Sunday, May 5 at La Cartuja Stadium in Seville. The best male and female couples will face off in two matches, with the order of play and streaming available. The matches will be broadcast on Red Bull TV and Movistar Plus in Spain, starting in the quarterfinals.

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This Sunday the matches corresponding to the  Sevilla P2  finals will take place at the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville. The best male and female couples in the competition will face each other on the final day, which promises the same excitement as the semifinals . Below we will tell you which duels we will have, their order of play and how you can follow it in streaming.

Matchups and schedules of the Sevilla P2 finals

The final matches of this Sevilla P2 will be played this Sunday, May 5, starting at 4:00 p.m. in Spain. We indicate below the matches and their order of play.

Game Schedule
Delfi Brea/Bea González vs Ariana Sánchez/Paula Josemaría 16:00 
Franco Stupaczuk/Martín Di Nenno vs Fede Chingotto/Alejandro Galán Next


How to follow the streaming of the day?

Up to a total of 2 matches will be played this Sunday corresponding to the Sevilla P2 finals. Below we tell you how you can watch the streaming, regardless of which country you are from:

In Spain

Starting in the quarterfinals, it will be broadcast on Red Bull TV and Movistar Plus.