How to play on the right side

The coach discusses strategies for improving padel tennis techniques from the right side, including early preparation, positioning, using flowers, playing low balls, communication, footwork, and forehand volley. They emphasize decisiveness, limited shots, and experimentation.

The coach discusses various strategies for improving padel tennis techniques from the right side. The section begins with the importance of early preparation and adjusting positioning based on the ball’s trajectory and dominant hand. The coach offers tips on using flowers to help with spin and preparation and keeping a lower grip for better control.

The discussion then shifts to playing low balls from the right side, emphasizing the advantages of catching opponents off guard but admitting the high percentage of making a bad lob. The speaker advises having good communication and planning with partners, encouraging them to push the ball for better opportunities to play a good volley.

The section also covers the importance of positioning and footwork, suggesting playing the majority of balls in the center or to the fence and using the left hand for counterweight. The coach provides tips on improving the forehand volley, including keeping the left elbow higher and emphasizing the importance of the left hand.

Overall, the speaker encourages players to be decisive, focus on a limited number of shots, and experiment with different techniques to enhance their padel tennis skills.