How to improve your vibora

Hello Parallel Academy's head coach, Mauri Andrini, discusses the Vibora shot in padel, focusing on winning points rather than net position. He advises players to perform a split step, keep the racket on the neck, prepare from a closer position, and focus on quick movements and strategic thinking.

Mauri Andrini, the head coach of Hello Parallel Academy, offers insights on the differences and improvements for the Vibora shot in padel. The Vibora shot, compared to the bandeja shot, focuses on winning the point instead of maintaining the net position.

Mauri advises players to perform a split step before hitting and keep the racket on the neck for safety. However, the Vibora shot can be risky and requires practice. The coach suggests preparing the shot from a closer position and keeping the wrist still. He also warns against using the Vibora shot when the ball is coming from high or the body. The coach further emphasizes the importance of quick movements, minimizing wrist action, and strategic thinking in padel.