There will be a different final for Sevilla P2: Semifinal matchups include Tapia-Coello and Galán-Chingo.

The Sevilla P2 table has some new elements and was officially made official by Premier Padel. There will be a different final from the ones in Puerto Cabello and Brussels since Alejandro Galán and Federico Chingotto will be drawn on the same side as Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.

brussels final

High feelings are promised with the Sevilla P2. The only possible semifinal where Galán-Chingotto and Tapia-Coello might face each other is. The number one will make their debut against Diestro-Lijó, and the champions from Brussels will take against Ruiz-Cardona.

Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro will face extreme hardships. They draw Rico-Esbri in the opening round, Nieto-Sanz in the second round, Momo-Ruiz in the quarterfinals, and the ‘Superpibes’ in the semifinals. To witness the eagerly anticipated first Lebron vs. Prince match, fans will have to wait until the final.

In this competition, Tello and Belasteguín will make their debuts. Nothing more and nothing less than the battle against Belluati and Lamperti, who recently competed in the Belgian quarterfinals (where they even had two match points against the top seed to advance to the semifinals) will be contested in the first game.

Of the first four couples, the ‘Superpibes’ have the most accessible path from the outset. In terms of ranking, Tello-Bela would be the first outstanding couple they should play in the quarterfinals. Check out the entire table by clicking this link.