Agustín Tapia showed a new trick shot at the Brussels Premier Padel P2

Agus Tapia starred in the shot of the day in the round of 32 of the Brussels Premier Padel P2


This week, Agustín Tapia delighted the Brussels audience with a new magic trick. In the round of 32 matches against Del Castillo/Jiménez, the “Mozart of Catamarca” left a good example of his desire for unlimited resources.

José Jiménez hit him for four, but the athlete from Catamarca had other plans and left a blow to his memory by taking it backhanded, backward, and through the door.

“Although it seems there is little more left to invent, with Tapia, there is always room for one more level. We will be attentive to see what he surprises us within the next chapter of his animated series.” They stand out in Sports World, and on social networks, they consider Agustín the “Messi” of paddle tennis.

Resuming the match, with the points he achieved after that play, the outstanding athlete from Catamarca and Arturo Coello won their match by double 6-4.