Adidas launches the new Adipower Legend by Seba Nerone

Adidas has unveiled the Adipower Legend, a racket designed to emulate the legendary padel player Seba Nerone. The racket is made of EVA Soft Performance rubber and 3K carbon fiber, featuring cutting-edge technologies like Dual Exoskeleton and Power Embossed Ridge. Its elegant black design and Spin Blade roughness make it the perfect gift for elite padel players.

Seba Nerone is padel legend. His love of the game, his character, and his career have made him an iconic figure. Because of this, his second home, Adidas, has unveiled the new Adipower Legend, a racket that embodies his ideals and is designed to compete at the greatest level. With the most up-to-date Adidas materials, the new Adipower Legend model has an extremely comprehensive suite of technology for both power and longevity as well as effect production. Its understated yet sophisticated appearance aims to emulate Seba, a model player and industry standard.

For elite players seeking power, handling, and the greatest technologies all in one handle, the Adipower Legend is the perfect padel racket. It is designed to communicate to its users the qualities that define a player as a reference.

The Adipower Legend is a racket primarily composed of two materials, which result in an extremely well-balanced construction. The interior of the racket is integrated with the EVA Soft Performance rubber, which has minimal stiffness and is excellent for touch and ball output. The surface is composed of 3K carbon fiber, which is light and has the required stiffness to withstand hard blows.

Two cutting-edge technologies—the Dual Exoskeleton and the Power Embossed Ridge—ensure the Legend’s offensive prowess. The first adds carbon fiber reinforcements to the blade’s structure, and the second strengthens the heart and the lower portion of the frame structurally. The offensive package is completed by the heightened balance and Diamond Oversize head shape.

This new model also includes Spin Blade roughness on the surface to achieve the best effects. In terms of design, it is an elegant racket in which black is the predominant color. White, silver and small phosphorescent yellow details decorate a model that also lives up to the legends in appearance.

The Adipower Legend was born to honor a myth, but also to be the racket of the best padel players. It has everything to be great. It is the best gift from Adidas to a legend.