Tapia and Coello win the 3rd title of this season in Puerto Cabello after beating Chingotto and Galán

Tapia and Coello won their third title in Puerto Cabello, defeating Chingotto and Galán 2-6 6-3 6-3. The Madrid native and Argentine, Coello and Tapia, dominated the match, overcoming doubts and unforced errors. Their level soared, and a decisive break in the sixth game secured their victory.

Coello and Tapia

Tapia and Coello overcome Chingotto and Galán (2-6 6-3 6-3) to win their third title this season in Puerto Cabello.

Alejandro Galán and Fede Chingotto were not able to pass the test of fire in the fourth of the season in Puerto Cabello. Of course, they have made it clear that this new couple is going to give a lot of fight to the strongest couples in the tournament.

Tapia and Coello did not know what they were facing, Galán and Chingotto did. That is why the Madrid native and the Argentine took advantage of all their resources to neutralize the best couple in the world in an almost perfect set. 2-6 for Chingotto and Galán to put the No. 1s on the ropes.

Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia began the second set without doubts. It seems that the pressure tones this couple. The level of the Golden Boys began to rise as the games progressed. Ale and Fede tried without success to stop their rivals who had taken a 180º turn in their game. Tapia and Coello tied the game!

The pressure changed sides and doubts surfaced, this time, in Ale and Fede. They were going through bad times and unforced errors wreaked havoc on the Madrid and Argentine players. Tapia and Coello got the first break, although the rivals did the same immediately afterwards. Tapia and Coello’s level was rising, and in the sixth game, they made another break , which would be decisive in winning the match and lifting their third title of the season.