HIGHLIGHTS. Galán-Chingotto demolish Tapia-Coello in the Genova P2 Padel final

In the Genova P2 Padel final, Galán-Chingotto showcased a dominant performance, defeating Tapia-Coello with a stunning score of 6-1, 6-1. The match, which lasted just under an hour, highlighted the exceptional teamwork and strategic play of Galán and Chingotto.

The first set saw Galán-Chingotto take an early lead, maintaining a strong offensive and defensive game that left Tapia-Coello struggling to respond. Their precision in shots and well-coordinated movements on the court allowed them to secure the first set convincingly.

The second set continued in a similar vein, with Galán-Chingotto maintaining their momentum and control over the game. Despite some valiant efforts by Tapia-Coello to turn the tide, the duo of Galán and Chingotto proved too formidable, closing out the set and the match with a decisive victory.

This win marks a significant achievement for Galán-Chingotto, further solidifying their reputation as a top-tier pair in the world of padel.