Ale Galán: “I see it as closer to being able to play a padel game at the Santiago Bernabéu”

Ale Galán discussed padel news at a Finetwork event after winning the Chilean Premier Padel final. He believes the new Santiago Bernabéu and padel's growth could bring closer matches to Madrid. Although he doesn't have a project to play at the Bernabéu, he sees it as a possibility.

ale galan about playing at bernabéu

Ale Galán was at a Finetwork event this Wednesday where he reviewed current padel news hours after playing the final of the Chilean Premier Padel . The man from Madrid surrendered to his Real Madrid after winning the Decimoquinta and recognized that with the new Santiago Bernabéu and the growth of padel, he sees the possibility of playing a match in the Madrid coliseum closer, something he would love.

Regarding the possibility of playing a match at the Bernabéu, Galán commented that “ at the moment we do not have a project that would make us play there, but I do see it closer . ” The new Bernabéu and how padel is growing, makes it closer to us.”