MAR DEL PLATA PADEL SCHEDULES. Coello, Tapia, Lebron, Navarro, Galan, Chingotto to play on Wednesday

These are the padel schedules in Mar del Plata

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Arturo Coello Agustín Tapia, Juan Lebron, Paquito Navarro, Ale Galan and Federico Chingotto are scheduled to play in the Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1 tournament, which is taking place in Mar del Plata, Argentina on Wednesday. The tournament is being held at the Polideportivo Islas Malvinas, a venue with state-of-the-art facilities, from May 20 to May 26, 2024. This tournament is a P1 event, meaning the champions will earn 1,000 valuable points for the ranking, which is tighter than ever. Coello and Tapia, being the top-ranked players, are leading the draw in this tournament.

Here are the Wednesday schedules.