Former UK minister Theresa May at padel event in Sonning with Padelstar opening a court

Padelstars opened its first Padel court in Sonning, a popular high-octane activity with over 25 million participants. Balwin Properties launched Balwin Padel, partnering with Willy Lahoz and Attacq Limited to open new courts in South Africa and Waterfall City.


Former Prime Minister Theresa May was part of the festivities in Sonning when Padelstars opened its first Padel court in the town. Padel, a high-octane activity similar to tennis but played with walls, has gained popularity worldwide, with over 25 million people participating. The court, which is open from 7 am to 10 pm daily, was inaugurated on April 20 at the Berkshire County Sports Club in Sonning. Additionally, Padelstars plans to open a new facility in Bracknell later this summer, featuring three covered courts and one uncovered court. It’s exciting to see the growth of this sport!

In related news, Balwin Properties, a sectional title developer, has launched a padel division called Balwin Padel. They’ve partnered with padel player Willy Lahoz to elevate padel sport in South Africa. Lahoz, a two-time world champion, is widely regarded as one of the greatest padel players. Furthermore, Balwin Padel, in collaboration with JSE real estate investment trust Attacq Limited, will open six new rooftop padel courts at the Mall of Africa in Waterfall City, responding to the increasing demand for this lifestyle sport². Exciting times for padel enthusiasts!