Premier Padel and Playtomic have announced a new worldwide community app collaboration.

Premier Padel has partnered with Playtomic, the largest global community for racket sports players and clubs, to integrate the sport into its global grassroots community. Playtomic will offer support to over 1 million monthly active padel players and 5000 partner clubs across 52 countries. The partnership aims to bring Premier Padel to grassroots communities, promoting the growth of the sport.

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Premier Padel, the premier official professional padel tour in the world, has introduced Playtomic as its global community app partner. Playtomic is the largest global community for racket sports players and clubs.

Premier Padel will be integrated into Playtomic’s quickly expanding global grassroots community as part of the new partnership. Playtomic will offer Premier Padel invaluable support in elevating and promoting the game to a community of over 1 million monthly active padel players and over 5000 partner clubs across more than 52 countries.

Premier Padel, the premier official padel tour in the world, is dedicated to presenting the tour in the center of grassroots padel communities, bringing the energy from legendary arenas to nearby clubs, supporters, and communities. With our most recent collaboration with Playtomic, local teams and players will receive cutting-edge experiences that will completely immerse them in Premier Padel competitions in the host cities.

“We are bringing the thrill of Premier Padel right into the heart of the grassroots communities of padel clubs and players across the world,” stated Rob Mitchell, Premier Padel’s Commercial Director. With the goal of providing millions of ardent padel fans worldwide with fresh and cutting-edge Premier Padel tournament experiences, this cooperation represents a shared commitment to promoting the growth of padel.

“Playtomic’s goal is to make the social enjoyment of racket sports accessible to everyone,” stated Pablo Carro, co-founder of the company. The spectators, who are also players, will benefit from this cooperation, which will improve and utilize their entire experience. Essentially, the biggest network of amateur clubs and players unites with the top professional player circuit. It truly is the ideal match.

Playtomic will provide its members the chance to experience Premier Padel in the month preceding certain tournaments by organizing amateur competitions, activations, and tournaments in different host cities. Ahead of the June Premier Padel Rome Major, Rome will be the first city to take use of the new Premier Padel and Playtomic experience. There are ongoing talks to hold Premier Padel events throughout the season in a number of other cities, including Malaga, Madrid, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona.