This is the FIP ranking before the Asunción Premier Padel P2

Here are the lastest FIP rankings

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We examine the FIP ranking following its update this past Monday before beginning the Asunción Premier Padel P2 final draw.

On the men’s side, with 12,705 points, Arturo Coello is still in the lead in the men’s FIP ranking. Ale Galán, with 10,910 points, is still in second place. Agustín Tapia, with 10,676 points, comes in third.

Juan Lebron, with 9,925 points, is in fourth place. Martín Di Nenno, with 8,935 points, is in fifth place. Franco Stupaczuk, his companion, comes in sixth with 8,157 points, after him in the rankings.

Paquito Navarro, who has 7,546 points, is ranked seventh. Fede Chingotto, with 7,405 points, is in seventh place. Fernando Belasteguín, with 5,189 points, is ranked ninth. Sanyo Gutiérrez, with 3,913 points, rounds out the Top 10.

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On the women’s side, with 12,056 points, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría remain at the top of the women’s FIP list.

Bea González comes in third place with 9,015 points, and her teammate Delfi Brea comes in fourth place with 8,938 points. With 8,767 points, Gemma Triay comes in fifth place.

With 6,854 points, Marta Ortega is in sixth place. Alejandra Salazar is in seventh place with 5,891 points.

Jessica Castelló is in eighth place with 4,767 points, and Tamara Icardo is in ninth place with 4,547 points. Sofia Araújo, with 4,452 points, rounds out the Top 10.

Claudia Fernández moves up one spot to take fourteenth place with 3,116 points in the Top 20.

With 1,315 points, Andrea Ustero jumps up to twenty-sixth place in the Top 30.

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