MENTAL HEALTH. UK top operator Game4Padel offers big discount

Game4Padel offers 25% off court bookings for Mental Health Awareness Week, promoting padel as a social sport with numerous mental health benefits and rapid global growth.

mental health. uk top operator game4padel offers big discount

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week (May 13–19), Game4Padel, the top padel operator in the UK, is providing 25% off off court bookings at all of its UK sites, including Edinburgh Park, Barnton Park, and Thistle Tennis and Padel.

Padel is thought to have numerous advantages for mental health and is recognized as the sport with the quickest rate of growth in the world.

It is a very social sport that is typically played in doubles, which puts players closer to one another on the tiny court and promotes lots of interaction. Organizers state Because it’s simple to learn, anybody who wants to try something new or who may not have previously given racket sports much thought can access it.

Michael Gradon, CEO of Game4Padel, commented: “When we saw that the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was ‘Move More’, we wanted to encourage people to try out padel. The benefits of physical exercise on mental health are well documented and padel has many factors that can aid positivity, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and mental resilience.

“When I’m on the padel court I totally switch off from everything else that’s going on around me.”

This is the link to take advantage of the promotion. When scheduling your court, please mention the code MENTALHEALTH25 to receive this 25% offer. Please visit to locate your local court.

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